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  • 1. Employee invitation and registration
  • 2. Employee management
  • 3. Creating a client profile
  • 4. Bot logic creation
  • 5. Managing tags
  • 6. Customization of messages and buttons
  • 7. Web-chat integration and customization
  • 8. Integration with Facebook
  • 9. Integration with Telegram
  • 10. Unified chat interface

Employee invitation and registration

Owners can invite new employees to the platform from the “Employees” section of their user interface from where it is necessary to enter the email and choose the corresponding role (i.e. Agent, Admin or Owner).

Employee management

Both Owner and Admin have access to the Mange employees subsection in the Employees section. However, for the Admin can only send notification messages to selected users, while the Owner has access to Disable or Enable access, change the role of all the employees and remove an employee.

Creating a client profile

Admins and Owners of Barevchat platform can create new client profiles (i.e. profile which will be associated with plug-in web-chat, different messengers and bot logic), by pressing the “Create” button from the Client Management section.

Bot logic creation

In Barevchat platform the bot logic is based on a tree diagram, which consists of the following elements:

  • Card – a topic, which contains

    • the message that bot sends to customers when they connect to that topic,
    • quick reply buttons that are sent to customers by the bot together with the message in order to facilitate the navigation and increase chances of the bot to fully support customers,
    • tags for understanding incoming messages from customers and associating them with the topic,
    • attachments, such as DOC, PDF, JPEG, PNG and more,
    • additional questions that can be asked to customers before connected them to your operators
  • Branches – transitions between Cards

Managing tags

It is possible to access the Tags Management section from the small menu from the bot logic creation interface.

Customization of messages and buttons

In Barevchat platform, for each client profile it is possible to set bot expiration time, define texts of some messages and quick reply buttons, which bot sends to customers in case of specific actions.

Web-chat integration and customization

The plug-in web-chat can be integrated into any website, it is only necessary to copy the specified code section and paste it before the closing </body> tag in the HTML source code of the website. After that the chat will be available in the website for both desktop and mobile devices.

Integration with Facebook

In order to connect the Facebook page to the client profile in Barevchat platform, it is necessary to be a page administrator for the mentioned page on Facebook.

Integration with Telegram

In order to connect the Telegram bot to the client profile in Barevchat platform, it is necessary to have the token of the Telegram bot and enter the token in the corresponding section of the platform.

Unified chat interface

All the Agents in Barevchat platform have access to the unified chat interface, from where it is possible to see and respond to incoming chats from customers.
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