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Why we named it BarevChat

Hello! Ola! Salut! Ciao! Barev!

Hello! Ola!Salut! Ciao! Barev!

Since every conversation starts with a greeting, we just decided to name our chat solution BarevChat. “Barev” in Armenian means Hello – an informal and friendly way to greet people.

They say that by saying hello, you do not only greet someone, you also share your mood.

With our BarevChat solution, we are going to share with you not only our constant positive mood but also a mutual passion for outstanding customer service.

Say “Barev” to Your Customers!


Demands of society are always changing. With the availability of modern technologies Generation Z, Millennials, and older generations are used to get instant answers to all their questions.

Our mission in BarevChat is keeping up with the changing demands of society. We believe that our strategy of combining the unified support interface for bots and live operators is the ultimate solution to date, which can ensure both speed and quality.

the team

We combine our software development background, solid knowledge of customer experience, and a great willingness to deliver the right but simple customer support tool.

In our team, we believe in open communication, strong teamwork, and never stop learning.

Barev Chat

Pushkin street, 38/1 bld.,

Yerevan, Armenia

(+374 11) 500 650

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